In 1999 32West Styl'z was launched into the market place by Gregory Bain. The number #32 comes from his football career as a player. He grew up in Palm Beach County in the City of Belle Glade, Florida. This is where "West" derived from and the word "Styl'z" was implemented because there where so many Styl'z created underneath the umbrella of 32 West for every Town, City, State and Country selected. Thus the name 32West Styl'z was created.
32West Styl'z brand was created for the individuals who LOVE to Rep Their Town, City, State and Country. We provide our customers with the most innovative Styl'z in the world for men, women and children. 
Our product line consist of Caps, Polo Shirts, Leggings, Sneakers, Jeans, T-Shirts, Watches, Casual Wear, Sportswear and much much more.